American Friends of Nishmat Sponsors Academic Programs

Serving in her second year as the first vice president of the Manhattan Day School, Chavie Kahn works to ensure open communication between the staff and parents, and is involved in strategic vision and critical decisions affecting the school. In addition to her work at the elementary day school in New York City, Chavie Kahn is the board secretary and executive board member of the American Friends of Nishmat (AFN) and assists with budgeting, planning, and fundraising efforts.

A United States-based organization, AFN supports the work of Nishmat. Established in 1990, Nishmat is part of the Jeanie Schottenstein Center for Advanced Torah Study for Women, located in Jerusalem. Nishmat focuses on empowering women and teaching women leadership and critical thinking skills. One such academic program is the Alisa Flatow International, which is a two-year fellowship program.

AFN sponsors academic and community programs for its members in order for them to gain valuable experience. AFN works side by side with Nishmat to showcase the women produced by the Nishmat programs in Israel and in the United States– women who are leaders.

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